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Internet Explorer soon to become history

March 20, 2015

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Soon, Internet Explorer will only be found in the history books. Microsoft is planning to replace Internet Explorer with a better alternative. What once used to rule the internet browser kingdom, is struggling hard to keep up with modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make its Window 10 the best Windows ever made. They have addressed most of the problems that lingered in the previous version of Windows. Improving the Internet Explorer was one of the areas of prime concern Microsoft had to address and it looks like they’ve been successful in it.

spartan browser

With Windows 10, there will be no more of Internet Explorer. A new browser by the name Spartan will replace IE. Spartan is the result of an ambitious project of Microsoft with the aim to provide better internet browsing experience. Spartan browser is based on the Trident rendering engine, same as its predecessor. However, the look and feel of Spartan will be a lot different from IE. It will host better and crisp design with a lot of new features, with Cortana integration at the top.

It is also in the news that Windows 10 might host both browsers but only for enterprise users for compatibility reasons. Microsoft is eager to recapture the majority of the market share as it did in earlier stages of IE.

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