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Relive on Facebook after death!

February 13, 2015

Man is mortal but his Facebook profile isn’t. Using Facebook’s latest feature, users get a few options for how their profiles can be maintained after they die. One of the most popular choices is selecting a Facebook legacy contact.

For the time being, only the US users will have the privilege to choose their settings for their afterlife either by deleting the account or granting permission to a near and dear one to manage the account on his behalf. Although the nominee can change the profile photo, accept new friend requests and can pin announcement on the account’s timeline, he/she cannot see the private messages i.e. privacy remains intact even after death.


Users can also opt out of this option of being active after death by completely removing their account. It can be done by submitting a request on Facebook Contact Form. This will completely remove the user’s timeline from the social network when requested by verified immediate family members.

Facebook has started this feature for users in United States only and plans to roll out to other countries in short span of time.

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