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Shazam moves ahead of music recognition

May 29, 2015

visual Shazam

Shazam has moved ahead than just being a music recognition app. As Shazam hinted earlier that it might broaden its scope and introduce new features than it was capable of then, at CES.

The company has officially launched its new service “Visual Shazam” in which the user can get an interactive experience by merely scanning a QR code or print ads.

You just need to look for the Shazam icon with the camera on the print ads. After that use the Shazam to scan the visual, after this you’ll be witnessing an interactive experience, which include various behind the scene visuals and many other exciting things.

Shazam has paired up with many companies to make this experience exclusive for the users. Among others, Disney: Tomorrowland, Harper Collins: Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, are the big ones.

You can check out the main article which contains FAQs and the basic steps to use the service.

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