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WhatsApp rolls out calling feature for iOS

April 22, 2015


After a long wait, WhatsApp has finally started rolling out an important update to its iOS users. This update enables the most anticipated calling feature on its iOS platform too.

A few days back, when WhatsApp launched calling feature, it was exclusively for Android users and it was being said that the company will be releasing this feature on iOS too. The exact release date wasn’t declared.

As of now, the update isn’t available to every iOS user who uses the WhatsApp. WhatsApp usually does this. It first releases updates to a small number of users and then afterwards it releases it to masses.

The latest WhatsApp version 2.12.1, supports the calling feature. Other features introduced in this update is that WhatsApp now enables a user to share images, videos, and links to WhatsApp contacts from any other app.

In an earlier news, WhatsApp has claimed to cross 800 million active users. These small steps will definitely help WhatsApp increase its user-base.

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