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Windows 10 to have a middle finger emoji

May 6, 2015

With the advent of messaging, the need to express emotions of an individual in a shorter way arise. Emoji or smiley did this job perfectly. With time, they’ve evolved too. Earlier only a few of the basic ones were available. Then, WhatsApp came up with a whole lot of new emoji to express more feelings and actions. Since, then there has been no turning back.


Every OS has its own set of emoji, which differ from the ones of other OS. Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make its new Operating System – Windows 10 unique, interesting and the best of the lot.

Apart from the big changes, Microsoft is paying attention to small changes too. The introduction of new emoji, especially the ‘middle finger‘ one is just one small step in making Windows 10 better. A lot of other emoji have also been introduced, as reported by emojipedia.


This middle finger emoji was earlier used by Facebook. Typing [[midfing]] in the chat boxes etc. used to make the middle finger emoji. This has now been removed from Facebook.

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