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Music + Movies: The Classics

Some songs never go out of fashion. Or movies. Here's some of that music!

February 18, 2017

All That Jazz (1979)

‘Hey! That song has been used before!’ has become a quite common refrain, considering all the series and movies we watch. But ‘Hey!’, sometimes the songs are that good. So, close on the heels of our list of some of the songs that completed our films, here is a list off some of the older (but definitely much more cooler) songs to grace film.


Heroes (David Bowie)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

I was looking for the best David Bowie songs in film, and I found a list of them. Why this one then? Here, hear:

You don’t need to know who these kids are, where they’re from, where they’re going. You can see from the way the song hits them that they’ve felt broken, but at least in this moment, all their scars and wounds and imperfections are transcendently beautiful. You were young, and you heard a song once. You turned it up. You felt the wind in your hair and you became giant. You were infinite, just for one day.



Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

Do these guys even need an intro? Just press play on it, and you will see why this song keeps popping up, long after the ones who played it have turned into men old enough to be your grandpa. Very dirty and perverted grandpas (just hear the lyrics!), but then, they did give us music like this. As for pedigree, it has been used from Daddy’s home, to Iron Man, to Battleship.

You Really Got Me (The Kinks)

This wasn’t in a movie actually; in fact, the guitar starts as the episode ends (Mad Men S05E11) but that guitar riff! And of course, the scene where it kicks in. A made for each other pair, if there was one.


Modern Love (David Bowie)

Frances Ha (2012)

Bowie again?People, that guy is that good. Here the song is all about fun. In fact, it’s even in the official trailer. And this is not even the best part; the sax closing out the song is just heaven. Have a listen.

Eminence Front (The Who)

The Entourage (2015)

Close to the end of the hit-TV-series-which-wasn’t-a-hit-movie The Entourage, this song quietly begins. Then as you, along with the protagonists marvel at the red carpet and all the associated glitter, this just worms its way into your ear. The movie didn’t get much love, but this song…this song is bliss.


On Broadway (George Benson)

All That Jazz (1979)

One of the best films there is. It ends with a bang, that much is true, and being a musical, has no dearth of songs. But this is how the story starts. Have a look. If you can sit through the Bollywood song fests, why, this is actually an education from a director who won an Oscar for his film, an Emmy for his work on TV and a Tony for his work in theatre. All at the same time.

What are your favorites? Tell us, and we will feature it on our next list!

For more songs like these, have a look here!

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