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5 Typically Indian Short Films!

Some of the most interesting short films made in India, now showing on your nearest smartphone!

August 21, 2017

Miss Anonymous returns, with short films!

Bollywood has come a long way from item songs and senseless cinema. Where on one side, Indian films are being appreciated globally, short feature films (or just short films) are not far behind either. The talent pool within the county is endless, and a good number of their examples can be seen and appreciated on YouTube, where you can find a huge collection of good-quality short films for free! 

Here is a list of 5 short films which capture a wide range of emotions, have brilliant acting, and most of all, intrigue us with their stories. 

So…sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!


A production presented by Terribly Tiny Tales, this short film features our very own Supriya Pilgaonkar! Released on the special occasion of Mother’s Day, the film is set in Mumbai and shows a couple searching for a home in the most crowded city in the world. Being an unmarried couple, no one is ready to rent them out a place. Tired with the hypocrisy, they call their mother, who ensures the landlord and helps them find an apartment. The question is, how does the couple have the same mother? Visit the link below to find out!

Watch HERE


Jai Mata Di



Khamoshiyan-presented by Royal Stag Large Short Films-is a film for dog lovers! The film has no dialogues but a lot of emotions, as it shows the loyalty and love of a dog for his master! Beautiful cinematography and acting bring alive the story of how a dog saves the life of his master by bringing her back from suicide; however, the act is misinterpreted and the dog is shot by the girl’s neighbours. 

Follow the link to see what happens next. 

Watch HERE





A modern take on LGBT issues, the film shows a young girl who is exploring her sexuality; her best friend Dev is in love with her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. She learns that instead, she likes Dev’s sister. Trusting her best friend, she reveals the same to her, who in turn leaks it out in the school. 

At this point, the girl starts believing that she is ABNORMAL, and secludes herself. However, she comes out of this enforced seclusion with the help of someone. Who was that? Check out the link below to find out.

Watch HERE





Peanut Butter is a short film produced by Playground Digital Cinema and directed by Manu Chobe. It involves Priya Mathur (Gauhar Khan), finding herself at a crucial phase in her life where she deals with the dilemma of choosing between her sudden pregnancy and her career. 

Priya, a career oriented woman, gets pregnant with her boyfriend, but wants to go for an abortion. As she leaves her home, she meets a teenage stranger, Rohan, who surprisingly knows everything about her. He makes her understand the consequences of aborting her child and thus, completely changes her perception. A beautiful day spent together gives her the courage and hope to be a single mother and raise her kid. At the end, Priya finds out who Rohan really is and then, is even more determined to have a kid. Click the below to find out who Rohan actually is.

Watch HERE


Peanut Butter



This Chutney is a bit sweet and a lot spicy! Presented by Royal Stag Barrel, this short film features Tisca Chopra (Rani) in a never seen before avatar!

Set in Model Town, the story begins with Sangeeta, who is Rani’s neighbour, visiting her to get the recipe of Rani’s famous Chutney. Meanwhile, Rani herself is aware about the fact that Sangeeta is going around with Rani’s husband. Making conversation, Rani narrates an incident to Sangeeta which revolves around Bhola who is a loyal and trustworthy cook hired by Virji (Rani’s husband). Suddenly, their idle talk takes an unconventional turn, leaving Sangeeta flabbergasted. Follow the link below to find out what Rani told Sangeeta, and how Bhola found himself buried in the ground!

Watch HERE






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