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Marvel Presents: The Inhumans!

The newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here! (actually, they just started shooting)

March 17, 2017

So, who are the Inhumans?

Probably, some of you might have met them here first. Black Bolt emerges after 16: 10.

It is more or less all of the squad. In the next episode, we meet Maximus, who rounds it all up.

They also have a very interesting dog. I mean, just look at him!



That’s got to be the deadliest ‘woof’ in comic history (the dog, Lockjaw, teleports; like, anywhere. Also, the smiling guy was Maximus).

Who are they?

The Inhumans were basically normal humans living at the dawn of civilization. Then, one fine day, the Kree came to visit. They took a lot of people, did lots of experiments, and dumped them back. These people however, were now much smarter than the rest of their Earth counterparts. They began building their own cities and stayed in hiding from the ‘humans’. Then:

Terrigen crystals lead to the Inhumans gaining powers, based on who they actually are. The process, as detailed by Karnak, is like this:

At the point where the comics (and the upcoming series) enters the world, there is a king on the throne, Black Bolt. Along with his wife Medusa, brother Maximus and advisors Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, they rule over the Inhumans. In the comics, lots of stuff happens; at one point, their capital city Attilan is on the moon. At another point, it is floating above New York. Let’s see where Marvel will keep them.

Role call!

*All of them are cousins btw. Except Lockjaw. He is cool!

Black Bolt: The king. Does not speak, because when he does, the sound waves are strong enough to destroy anything in front of him.

Medusa: The king’s wife. Acts as interpreter for Black Bolt. Has shiny, long and strong hair (seriously). Is also awesome at fighting.

Gorgon: Really strong. Can generate seismic waves by just stamping on the ground.

Karnak: The only one who has not been exposed to Terrigen crystals, he can see the ‘weaknesses and stress points’ in everything & everyone. Known for his intellect (and for being good at karate)

Crystal: Can control the elements (almost all of them). And fly. Younger sister to Medusa.

Triton: On being exposed to the crystals, couldn’t survive outside water. Strong & smart, and completely at home in the water.

Maximus: The Loki of the Inhumans; hopes to take the throne, and younger brother to Black Bolt. Smart and sharp.

Lockjaw: WOOF!

There is a school of thought which says it is the absence of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, two very important teams of the Marvel Universe, which led the company to push the Inhumans into the spotlight. True or not, the Inhumans have been getting bigger and bigger, especially in the leadup and the aftermath to Marvel’s universe(s) ending Secret Wars event. Which also ties up with the fact that Marvel’s movies seem to be affecting its comics, instead of the other way round. Though relatedly, the X-men seem to be making a big comeback, comic-wise.

Anyways, here’s to the Inhumans!

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