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Which books adaptations are going to appear on the big and small screens? Here's a dekko

October 9, 2016

The Dark Tower

The fact that people love Game of Thrones is no secret. Why, Delhiwaale were even ready to shell out 400 bucks for one book of the series, in a place where others were available at rates of ‘100 ka 3’. The fact, however, is also that people stumbled on the magnificent world of GOT only because of the small screen exploits of Khaleesi & Co. just like they stumbled upon Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Well, the old has come and gone, and now it’s time for the new. And with TV content exploding out of the idiot box and onto streaming services and the likes, there is no lack of stories coming alive through book adaptations. So, be a responsible reader, and be ready for the conversations on all the content coming to your screens.

The Dark Tower

the-dark-towerAmazing. Just finished reading it, and what a series this is. This isn’t Harry Potter, with its rhythm like starts and ends; this isn’t LOTR either, with its clear cut heroes and villains. This is something else entirely. How else do you describe a series 22 years in the making? A world where posing an unsolvable riddle to a supersonic train will save your life, among other crazy shit? Where the author himself is a part of the story, and in a way so plausible, for a moment you can actually believe it all happened to him? And with an ending like that? Nope. I give up.

The movie starts where this series ends, and stars Idris Elba (!) as the titular character, and Matthew McConaughey (!!) as his antagonist. There’s even been talk of adapting a story within the story (and what a story it is) for TV. True, the book might struggle to hold your attention sometimes, and you might also hate the way the story sets up (or more accurately, does NOT set up) expected showdowns. But what a journey this is. And trust me, you need to read this before you open your eyes along with Idris Elba, on Mid-World. You really do.

Release date: Trailer rumored by October-end.

Book: The Dark Tower-The Gunslinger

The Knife of Never Letting Go

tumblr_mkq9lijhzk1rf67slo1_1280Young Adult (YA) stories, with an added dash of hopelessness to go along, has become one of the most lucrative story ideas for Hollywood; Hunger Games anyone? Patrick Ness has been a part of this genre for long enough, with his excellent ‘More Than This’ being one of the best I have stumbled upon. The Chaos Walking trilogy however (of which this is the first) is a look at the various ills that plague the world, when seen from the perspectives of soon-to-be-and-then-in-the-process-and-then-finally teenagers. Spaced out through three books, the movie adaptation is being helmed by Doug Liman (you haven’t seen Edge of Tomorrow?!) and is said to have signed up Daisy Ridley (the one from Star Wars. Yup). Has all the signs of coming out well enough. What are you waiting for?

Release date: 2018. Hopefully.

Book: The Knife of Never Letting Go

American Gods

ag_starzThey say the best novels can be summed up through a theme, one line which can tell you all you need to know about it. Here, the line is this: what if all our gods are alive, in our world? Written by Neil Gaiman, the fiendishly imaginative author, this one has already launched a thousand blog posts. The series will premiere by 2017; although the series is still casting members, the shooting is well in progress. Need to whet your appetite? Here, have a trailer.

Release date: Early 2017

Book: American Gods




The Queen of Katwe

9675242Inspirational biographies are the ones which always get that smile(and maybe a tear too) on our faces. What makes this one unique then, you might ask? In the backdrop of all the turmoil that only a poor country in Africa can face, one girl rises above all of it to become the best in her country at what she does, shrugging off all the things that pull her back. The Disney adaptation of this is already in theatres, so you won’t be too late either for the buzz. Do have a look. After all, not all our heroes need to be white and American.

Release date: In theatres! You can look at the trailer.

Book: The Queen of Katwe: One Girl’s Triumphant Path to Becoming a Chess Champion


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

billy-lynns-long-halftime-walkHonestly, I haven’t read this; in fact, it was the trailer which brought this to my notice. The subject matter is, however, something universal, and especially relevant for a country like ours which can scream itself hoarse for our soldiers when they die and when they retire, but doesn’t care much about the alive ones. Ang Lee is back here after Life of Pi. Award season and critical acclaim for the movie is almost a given, with his name and the list of starring members. The message, however…that is the part that has to be understood. On the top of my reading list. And hopefully yours too.

Release date: November 11, 2016. The trailer, here.

Book: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk


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