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Fifa 15 Corner Kick Tutorial

February 17, 2015

Fifa Corner Tutorial

Fifa, a game revered by many as the best sports game ever made. Still holding its own on the top sellers list months after its release, “it has a great following” would be an understatement.

With every new release comes a new batch of newbies that want to learn how to play the game. For them, I have made this tutorial video on something that I feel is essential to the play and at times vastly overlooked, the Corner. Sure, you can take a normal corner and expect to score a goal once in a while but to better your chances these tips will come very handy.


Five simple tips to make you exponentially better at taking corners.

  1. Short corners are awesome, play a quick short pass make a quick turn and cross. For some reason there’s almost always a player free at the center, simple shot and goal.
  2. Short pass again, this time pass the ball to the player outside the penalty area, aim diagonally towards the far post, simple shot, simple goal.
  3. Another short pass! This time you dribble your way around the first couple of defenders getting yourself into a shooting position and take a shot.
  4. Cross the ball to the player outside the penalty area, aim diagonally to the far post (works best with long shots even in other scenarios) and shoot.
  5. This is a simple corner, hold L1 to cross the ball with two bars of energy without moving the camera view. Shoot when the ball just starts to dip (this works best with strong and tall players like Kompany or Van Persie etc)

Watch the video for a fully descriptive and comprehensive explanation with examples.


About the author: Mohammed Hussain
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