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Simple ways to become CEO before you’re 30

January 3, 2015

Achieving the top position in a company can consume a lot of time, if one takes the traditional career path. However, many have proved that it is perfectly possible to reach the top before turning 30.


To find out the secrets of climbing the corporate ladder at record speed, The Guardian’s Matthew Jenkin talked to two young CEOs about how they got where they are today. Here is the crux of the talk:

1. Choose the right environment.

Place where you get respect from the colleagues for your work, rather than your age, is the key, says Danny Waters, who became CEO of Enterprise Finance at 25. If you remain true to your goals and work hard to achieve them, success won’t be unachievable for you. “Never lose sight of who you are,” Waters advises. “Enjoying what you do is of utmost importance because if you do, then you will increase your chances of excelling in the work you do.

2. Take risks.

The fact that you’ve less to lose at young age as compared to senior colleagues, gives you an edge over them, suggests Jonathan Samuels, who was named CEO of Dragonfly Property Finance at 28. “Because the consequences of failure are far less, you can afford to be bolder“, he says. Not having to think for a family and having lesser responsibilities, puts you in an advantageous position where can take bigger risks and go for those bigger rewards.

3. Demand respect.

To move ahead, you need the respect from your coworkers. This can be difficult if you’re younger than them. Samuels recommends asserting authority, then backing it up by doing your job well. “There will be times during negotiations with other parties when people will be surprised by your age“, he says. “In my experience, they will get over that very quickly when they realize you know what you are talking about.” Proving your mettle and making your senior colleagues aware of your capabilities will make them realize your worth.

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