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Things Android does better than iOS

October 31, 2014

Android and iOS battle is never ending. Both operating systems are excellent in many ways, however they have certain advantages over each other too. Here are the advantages which Android phones have over iPhone.

1. Android gives complete access to all the files present by providing a file manager app. Many third party file managers are available which can be used according to the need. When you plug your Android device into your computer you can see the complete file system. Apple doesn’t give that kind of access to all your files.


2. Apps can access each other. The communication among apps is amazing on Android. Android lets developers integrate apps with the operating system at a deeper level compared to iOS. Sharing content across apps is also easier. However, with iOS 8, Apple has also addressed the issue with its Extensibility feature.

3. The notification bar on top of Android device is more informative than Apple’s. A large number of icons are present which remind user to check the particular app. In iPhone, the notification bar is somewhat super clean.


4. Android lets you lock phone in various different ways. There are number locks, pattern locks and more. iPhone’s fingerprint scanner is cool but having more options is always better.

5. Most Android phones support expandable storage using micro SD card. iPhone doesn’t.


6. Image management is better in Android than in iPhone. Every image that is present on Android is automatically shown in the gallery – screenshots, downloaded photos etc. reside in their respective folders.

7. Google Keep is one the best note keeping app available, but it is limited to Android only. You have “GoKeep” for iPhone, which makes use of desktop version of Keep, but it isn’t that good as the original app.


8. Gmail App on Android is a lot better than its iPhone sibling. Example, you cannot dial phone numbers directly from Gmail.


9. You have a large number of customization options available on Android. The presence launchers, live wallpapers and themes make Android highly customizable. iPhone is limited to parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers.


Go Launcher For Android


10. Every app that you download on iPhone has to be on home screen. While on Android, you can choose the app you want on the home screen, as the rest of the apps are in the app drawer.


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