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Things that a PC user should prevent!

March 15, 2015

In this tech savvy world, PCs and laptops have become an integral part of our life. They perform various tasks that we require without saying a word. Their sincere behavior demands good care, which we tend to overlook. Here are the common things we do without thinking twice that are harmful for our PCs.

Procrastinating cleaning:


A machine’s performance drops if it isn’t cleaned regularly and properly. Unclean PCs are prone to overheating, loss of performance and permanent damage to PC’s components. Dust and dirt obstructs air flow which results in overheating. Remember that PCs aren’t cowboys that they will withstand dirt.

Not using surge protector:

Use surge protector to ensure that your PC is immune to voltage variations. Plugging into the wall directly ensures that your machine is susceptible to damage caused by sudden voltage hikes. Using a surge protector can help in protecting against it.

Over cleaning of displays:

When it comes to cleaning the computer display, we think that cleaning it with extra powerful cleaners is the best option. It isn’t – clearly! Simply use a soft cloth for cleaning, moisten it (no dripping) at most.

Ramming the CD tray:


What if I tell you that you can perform opening and closing of CD tray without forcing it? The PC makers provide a magical tool to open and close the CD tray, called the button. Next time use it, it works perfectly!

Power it down while it’s in the midst of saving your game:


The most common practice among gamers is that they immediately power down the PC the moment a game tries to auto-save the progress.
Wait until the game has finished saving your progress before powering down your PC.

Mixing recyclables:

FullRecycleBinWe literally treat recycle bin as a trash can. There is nothing wrong in it. It’s just that you should segregate your dumped files. Make your recycle bin organized. That will ensure easy retrieval of file when needed.


Installing drivers without restarting:

Another very common malpractice is not restarting the PC after installing new drivers. The operating system needs to finalize some tasks after installing – there might be a file in use, the change can only occur during boot up of the computer, there might be a security issue which can only be done before the computer has its networking active, maybe the virus scanner would interfere with the install. So restarting is necessary.

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