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Google Chrome Now Uses a Dinosaur Video Game To Entertain You When You Can’t Get Online

Google decided to make being unable to connect to the Internet a little less annoying using a dinosaur and people's fondness for casual video games. If you open Google Chrome Canary, the latest version of Google Chrome, and can't get online, instead of the usual page telling you you can't connect, you'll see this guy, the Google Chrome dinosaur that always arrives with Internet problems. Instead of just being a static page though, you can hit the space bar and the Tyrannosaurus will be off and moving in an endless runner style video game. He runs through a desert and you make him jump over the many cacti he encounters. Every hundred points the T-Rex celebrates and if you lose, you can refresh the page to start again. Presumably, this is what you're doing while someone else is locating and fixing your Internet connection problem, not just a hobby for fun. As offline entertainment for an Internet browser goes, it's pretty clever.