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Consigli di viaggio per people traveling to Italy

Tips on traveling solo in Italy

August 24, 2017

Italy is a beautiful country full of wonderful people who go an extra step to help you. It is important to respect their traditions and culture when traveling. Here are some simple tips can help you during your travels in Italy immensely:

  1. Safety First: Whether you are in Italy or anywhere else, nothing is important than safety. I recommend keeping an eye on your luggage everywhere you go in Italy especially in the bigger cities. There are several notorious thefts in Italian towns and it is always essential to be aware. Keep a copy of your passport always with you and just to be cautious when in a crowded area. It is best to display confidence in the way you walk and talk.
  2. Learn a Few Words of Italian: Italy is a country proud of its heritage and its language. You will always hear Italian first before English. It would be wise to know basic words of the language for a seamless travel experience. Words such as “Dove” which means where, “Salve” which is a formal way of saying hello or “Grazie” which means Thank You go a long way and will make a local smile. A small dictionary is also an asset to those who travel to Italy.
  3. Respect the Culture: Respecting the culture of the country you are traveling to is very vital. Just as we in India open our shoes before heading to the temple, in Italy, churches expect us to be appropriately dressed when visiting inside. Tank tops, short skirts and cheap clothing is frowned upon. So always carry a scarf and try to wear half/full sleeves when you are visiting a church. Also, if you want to blend in the crowds in Italy, understand that it is a stylish country and gives a lot of importance to dressing well. In case you don’t want to be stared at for poor dressing, by all means give an extra thought to how you look.

All these tips can help make your Italian travels hassle free and great. Hope these help!

About the author: Ishita Sood
Ishita is an Italy travel consultant and blogger who is very passionate about Italy and feels deeply connected to its language, culture and history. She writes about her travels on her blog Italophilia.