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McLeod Ganj: Around town

December 17, 2016

Dalai Lama Temple

The tale of Ms. Anonymous continues!! Part 1 of the tale is here.

Where to eat?

Woesar's Bakery

Woesar’s Bakery

On the first day, after an 11 hour journey, and hotel hunting, we were in no mood to even move a limb. We just went out to have dinner at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. A must have when you visit there, is the chicken in red wine sauce and mushroom alfredo pasta.

Another engaging place to visit is Woesar Bakery, run by Sangnio, a localite, and her mother. We spent like 800 bucks here, but had the most lip-smacking bakery items. Must-haves are chocolate lollipop, paradise bar, lime cake, walnut tart, and carrot cake. You cannot miss Sangnio’s hand-made cappuchino. Even the local restaurant, Hotel Vakratunda, serves some amazing north Indian food.




What to shop!

The market is a great place to shop. You can find some amazing shops which make jaw-dropping jewellery!

You could interest yourself in the windchimes, flags for good luck,and ancient-solid idols of gods.

Do visit any festival happening there; we were lucky enough to catch the ‘Dharamshala International Film Festival’, where we saw the film Victoria. Although the movie was average, the experience was legendary!

Dharamshala International Film Festival

Dharamshala International Film Festival

Where to visit?

McLeod Ganj is a beautiful place, and has a lot of places to visit.

Cafe Illiterati

Cafe Illiterati

We started off by visiting the sunset point at Naadi. You have to be there by 6 am to witness the magnificent sun throw its rays on the mountain, which appear like sheer gold. Next, we visited the Dal Lake, 1.5 km away from Naadi; it is a lake in between the mountains, and ideal to spend some time with your loved ones. You can even go boating if you like.

St John’s Church is 1.5 km further from Dal Lake. It is a beautiful church built in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the war. It has a certain warmth and peace to it.

Café Illiterati is a one stop point for book lovers. It serves some amazing food along with a fabulous collection of books you may indulge in. Its beautiful balcony has the view of some humongous mountains. Also, a must-visit is the Dalai Lama temple; you can have a peek here into the Tibetan culture. Along with beautiful lit diyas, it even had a museum which had excerpts from the China-Tibet war.


Some tips:

Carry enough water with you

To attend any festival, first properly enquire about it, and secondly, be there on time!

You could bargain for a lot of the stuff on the streets

Be open to new experiences

Go for Chinese and Tibetan cuisines rather than North Indian.

Do buy the playful stuffed woolen caps

To minimize your budget, choose the hotel on sight.

Have fun, and do share your experience of  McLeod Ganj!




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