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The Curious Case of Delhi Daredevils

May 2, 2017

The tale of Indian Premier League started way back in 2008 and people then wondered if cricket could ever be played in a style we see these days.  And now the IPL is finally 10 years old. In These 10 years, teams have come and gone, controversies came up and faded away, but the fame and the aura of IPL hasn’t diminished an inch. This is what IPL is about, and this is what Indian Cricket is all about.

Delhi Daredevils team in 2008

There are quite a few teams who have played right through these 10 years and one of them is the Delhi Daredevils. In the first couple of seasons, Delhi used to be a team which every other team feared to play with. It used to have players like Sehwag, Gambhir, AB Devilliers, Glenn Mcgrath and many more who could win you matches single handedly. But after those 3 seasons, DD has been fluctuating on the last 2 spots of the points table. Delhi has still not been able to find the recipe to success in these 10 years. If Delhi would have been a new team, their failures would have still been justified, because it takes time for a new team to get things right. But DD has been struggling since the past 5 years and 5 years is a lot of time.

Have a look at the various positions of Delhi in these years –

2008 Semifinalists
2009 Semifinalists
2012 Playoffs

So what are the major woes with which the Delhi team is struggling? Here are some of them –

The Playing XI

We are almost halfway through the IPL and DD has just not been able to find their perfect Playing XI. A possible reason for this can be that they don’t let their playing XI settle in. They lose one match, and in the next match you can witness a different set of players. When your team has lost rhythm, you need to give your players some time to get that rhythm back. What this will do is that it will help the players to develop the mutual understanding and communication, which is very much required on the field.

Delhi batsmen have faltered to fast bowling once again

Inexperienced Batting Line Up 

This is the paramount reason behind the downfall of Delhi. If we have a look at their batting line up, you will come across names like –

  • Sam Billings
  • Sanju Samson
  • Karun Nair
  • Shreyas Iyer
  • Rishabh Pant
  • Corey Anderson / Angelo Mathews

There isn’t a single Indian player in that line up who has played more than 10 test matches for India. Moreover Anderson and Mathews are surely not in the best form of their lives. This lack of experience is taking Delhi’s ship deeper and deeper into the sea of failures. I am not at all saying that their batsmen are inefficacious,  rather batsmen like Pant, Iyer and Nair might well fill up the boots of Sachin Rahul and Laxman. However, the fact is that they need an experienced batsman to guide the younger batsmen through tough times.

Delhi players celebrating after getting a wicket

Alright guys, it’s been a lot of castigation now. Contrary to their batting, Delhi’s bowling has been exactly on the other side of the coin. I must say that they have a magnificent bowling line up, and I will not hesitate to say that they indeed have the best bowling line up among the 7 teams. Another talking point for the Delhi Daredevils this season has been Zaheer’s leadership. Zak has been absolutely spot on with his field placement and his experience has been a blessing for younger bowlers like Shami, Cummins, Rabada.

Marlon Samuels big hitting abilities can be handy for the daredevils

But Delhi fans, you have got something to cheer for. DD have roped in Marlon Samuels as a replacement for JP Duminy and I am dying to see him back on the field hitting those big long handle shots.

So guys,

Half of the journey is over, and the Daredevils have a big job on their shoulders in the rest half of the tournament. I hope that they rectify their mistakes, and get back in the tournament loud and roaring.

Cheers xD

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