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Some snippets about the AIFF. Don't worry, they are still bad.

January 19, 2017

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The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has Praful Patel as its president. He is currently on his third term, and following precedent, is unlikely to leave the post any time soon; Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi, former president, was at the helm for more than 20 years. His fourth term election in 2000 was the first time he faced competition for the post, and even then he managed to defeat the challenger, Samir Thapar, vice-chairman of JCT Mills, Phagwara, through his savvy. Then, in 2008, he suffered a cardiac arrest, which sent him into a coma he is still in. At the AIFF, Praful Patel took over then as acting president. Then he was elected president. He is still there.Have a look at their budget details. Priceless.

The AIFF’s budget for FY 2013-14 (reproduced below) makes for interesting reading. Their total income is projected to be Rs 54,53,35,000. And their expenditure is Rs 54,38,61,600. Meaning AIFF had a surplus of just Rs 14,73,400.

Now, of course, things could have read differently if the ‘meeting expenses’ during 2013-14 were not Rs 65,00,000 (that’s a lot of tea, coffee and biscuits).


They love their football, with politics served on the side.

For two seasons Churchill Brothers was not allowed to play in the I-League as it could not fulfill the club licensing criteria. Now either due to the court order or seemingly political compulsions (Churchill Alemao has joined NCP, the political party of Mr. Praful Patel, the AIFF president, ahead of the Goa State elections), it is back.


This is all keeping aside the complete and utter confusion the AIFF authorities have about the leagues they run. Completely clueless.

Better yet, there is the familiar conflict of interest situation here too; Larsing Ming Sawyan is the owner of I-League side, Shillong Lajong, and the co-owner of the ISL side, NorthEast United FC. He is also a vice-president in the AIFF. Mr. Shrinivas Dempo is the owner of the celebrated Goa side, Dempo. He is also one of the vice-presidents of the AIFF. Dempo still left the I-League this season. Admittedly, that does look a bit different from Srinivasan-owned CSK winning IPL after IPL.

Not that the I-League sides have covered themselves in glory. The Mohun Bagan incident showed how weak our governing body is. Then it was Bagan they bowed down to. Today it’s IMG-Reliance.



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