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When will women be safe? #BangaloreMolestation

January 31, 2017

152569791_1_ (1)I am an Indian woman. And just like any Indian citizen would be, i feel so attached to my nation and yes i also have patriotic feelings. I love the cultural heritage, the beauty of my country. It makes me feel proud. Deeply. It is a country of diverse cultures and people from different races and a hint of democracy makes it even for all of us. Well, most of us. But, the best thing about India is that women all over the country , be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Bengali, have something in common. WE ARE NOT SAFE.

Yes, you heard it right, We women are not safe. And also we are solely responsible for our actions. Yes, so all you women out there, stop being so irresponsible. I mean come on, how could you stay out so late at night? You must be a call girl. Didn’t anyone tell you? How could you wear a short skirt? Are you trying to show your skin and encourage men to molest you ? Yes, that’s what you are trying to do. We know it. So stop it or the men will get horny. And you cant blame them right? Its YOU. And please don’t even think of being over friendly with boys. That might give them the wrong signal. And again, its normal for them to take that signal. YOU should be cautious. Oh, and i forgot to mention, drinking for girls is a big NO NO. Its a shame if you do that. You could be a slut. Because you know, only women with no class and character do such things. Also think about the poor men who would be so tempted to take advantage of you. Its just like spreading your legs for them. Also there are many other rules and standards on how to be a good Indian woman so that you can be accepted by this society and nobody would molest you or rape you. Like, DON’T have sex before marriage. Because if you can have it once with some guy, then you might as well be available for other boys too. Sex should only happen after marriage. And once you are married, your husband has all rights to force you to have sex with him. Obviously, That’s why he married you right ?

So, these are a few things which can protect you and keep you safe. Oh yes, i assure you. Also if you want some more advises and solutions , Please hear the comments of our fellow politicians, I am sure you will feel 100% secured, once you have tried them all. Now you must be thinking, that what about the girls who follow all these rules and are still victimized. Well umm.. yeah.. They do wear full clothes like suits and burkhas , and no partying or drinking, and stay at home at nights and be good women and still get molested by someone during day time and in their houses. Okay, yeah, but.. umm.. there must be something .. right? They must be doing something wrong, otherwise they would have been safe. Umm.. I think the politicians of our country might have something better to say on this. They would definitely come up with some reasonable explanation and prove to us that yes the women were at fault every time.

SHAME. I FEEL SHAME. India is my home. And I don’t get to be bold. I don’t get to be free. I don’t get to be me. I don’t get to trust. I don’t get to live without fear. I don’t get to have my own choices. I don’t get to wear whatever i want. I don’t get to do whatever i want and whenever I want. I don’t get to feel bad when i am judged or criticized . I don’t get to do away without explanations and justifications regarding my actions. I don’t get to feel equal or at par with men. And because i am a woman, I DON’T GET TO BE SAFE. | Get Tech Addicted...
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